Refund/Equipment Policy

Refund Policy

Unfortunately there is a no refund policy in our organization. While we wish you well if you choose not to stay in our organization, we do not issue refunds for past payments. Future/recurring payments however can be stopped only after the equipment rented has been returned. Written statement about resignation from team must be presented.

Equipment Rental

When we allow you to use our equipment, we do it for the purpose of saving you that money and hassle of having to spend your own cash on equipment that your child will grow out of every year. We allow you to use/possess our equipment for (our team only) during the regular season August-December and require that it be returned at a certain date listed in the documents you sign during registration. If equipment is not returned at that date your card is charged. If you decide that you do not want to finish the season with our organization and choose to leave, you have 72 hours (3 Days) to return that equipment or your card is subject to be charged for that equipment and it will now permanently become yours.

Resignation In Writing

If you choose to leave our organization, you must have in writing that you are deciding to now return. This can be through email or through another form of message only directly to Coach Dee (President) or Victoria (General Manager). Only upon this will the timeliness be considered. If a payment is ran before you send this message, there will be no refund as there is no track record that you leaving was ever requested.